Aircraft / Ocean Shipping

IAS is located at Hayward Executive Airport in the San Francisco/Bay Area in CA.

Aircraft Containeriation / Ocean Shipping

Aircraft Containerization / Ocean Shipping

International Aircraft services LLC offers multiple options for aircraft purchase, lease and acquisition via our specially trained aviation consultants. We offer worldwide delivery, aircraft containerization/ocean shipping, parts support, domestic and international sales, aviation consulting and aircraft management. We can help you with all your aircraft purchasing, leasing and parts needs via our CA location.

At International Aircraft services LLC, we can ship your new or used aircraft and parts via multiple options. We can prepare your aircraft for aircraft ocean shipping via containerization. We offer aircraft freight shipping, aircraft parts exporting, aircraft freight shipping and aircraft exporting, and all of our services, aircraft and parts are provided at affordable prices. You never have to worry about being gouged at International Aircraft services LLC.

Our number one specialty is aircraft ocean shipping and containerization. We can have your new or used aircraft disassembled and shipped safely and effectively via standard ocean shipping containers. This ensures that no extra flight time or fuel costs are added to the price of internationally shipping your aircraft.

To find out more about how we can help you purchase your next aircraft, contact us at 510-670-4700.